Join the Ambassadors

The Chamber and Visitors Bureau is looking to increase its Ambassador Program.

For more information, or to join our Ambassadors Program, call the Chamber at 978-249-3849 or email us at:

What is a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador?

Ambassadors are a very important part of the Chamber, and are selected on the basis of the individual’s interest, dependability, integrity, energy, and communication skills. The job as an Ambassador is to utilize those skills and provide a communication link between our membership and the Chamber, and our community and the Chamber. As an Ambassador, your role includes mentoring new Chamber members, promoting membership, encouraging participation in Chamber functions, greeting members at events, and performing other goodwill projects of the Chamber. The Chamber’s credibility is closely linked to your credibility as an Ambassador. It is very important that your carry out your Ambassador responsibilities in a professional manner. While attending functions and calling on members, you will develop a long and varied list of contacts and information that will prove helpful as you do business in our community.

Essentially, our ambassadors are responsible for making calls and/or visits (depending on each ambassadors preference) to touch base with our membership. Each month, you will be reaching out to roughly 10 Chamber members to notify them of upcoming events and personally invite them as well as provide a conduit for feedback for the Chamber.

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