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  • North Quabbin Region Recreation Map & Business Guide

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  • Have you ever traveled to a new location, or perhaps moved to an area that you were unfamiliar with? Do you remember looking for places to eat, shop, boat, fish, hike, bring your pets, service your car, ATMs etc.? Having a map of the area that highlights the area's natural beauty and showcases everything that a community has to offer has always been a welcome aid and a lot of fun for me and my family when visiting new places.


    Once upon a time we had a very nice, very informative recreation map and business guide of the North Quabbin Region Produced by North Quabbin Woods.

    We are excited to announce that we recently made an agreement with Rhumb Line Maps and have begun the process of making the 2023 North Quabbin Region Recreation Map & Business Guide a reality.

    As a business owner and a community member, you are an important part of our goal. You no doubt understand the pressing need for an easily accessible and up to date regional map that highlights the many small businesses, events and attractions of our area!

    I’m writing today to ask you to join us as we raise funds for this mutually beneficial project. By partnering with us, you will be able to bring more attention to your business and to all the North Quabbin Region. The overall cost to design, revise and produce one thousand high quality copies of this map will be approximately $12,000. Any funds raised beyond the initial production costs will be used to facilitate phase two and three of this project.

    During phases two and three we will make large prints for public display throughout the region and create an online, interactive version of the map with active links directly to your businesses or organization's website.

  • Sponsorship levels are as follows:

    Sponsorship levels are good for 3 years. This means 3 years of advertising for your Business!

    ● $100 for a dot on the map with your businesses name in a list directory.

    ● $200 1/8 Panel with Logo (This is not included with your dot)

    ●$350 for a 1/4 panel Small Ad: dot, your name in the list directory and a short description of your business.

    ● $600 for a 1/2 Panel Large Ad: dot, your name in the list directory a short description of your business and an image/logo plus a QR code to your website on the printed map. (These spots are limited!)

    ● $1200 For Full Panel: a dot, your name in the list directory a short description of your business and an image/logo plus a QR code to your website on the printed map. (Only a few Available!)


    If you would like to participate, we must have:

    ● A deposit of $100.00 with signed agreement, along with all relevant information needed and your level of sponsorship ASAP Email: NQmap22@gmail.com or go to Northquabbinchamber.com 


    We already feel that this project will be successful, but we also feel that it will be much more successful if we have the support of everyone in the business community.


    If you would like to have a discussion regarding the advantages of the levels of sponsorship please reach out to a member of our team, we would be happy to answer your questions and discuss your concerns.

  • Team Members

    (Leader in the Map Project )

    Jerry Whaland


    Billy Goat Boats (Project Leader)

    25 East River Street, Orange MA 01364

    Phone: 978-577-8420



    (Leader in the Map Project )

    Melissa Eaton

    Executive Director

    North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

    80 Freedom Street, Athol MA 01331

    Phone: 978-249-3849



  • Email: NQmap22@gmail.com

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